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Olight M23 Magyar vadász fegyverlámpa szett
Olight M23 Magyar vadász fegyverlámpa szett
49.900Ft  36.990Ft
Engedmény: -12.910Ft 


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  • Gyártó: SAM légfegyver

Product details:

The ideal air pistol for junior shooters. Shortened barrel length and tank reduces weight by 350 grams. The universal grip is especially designed to fit small hands. The model K9 can be converted into the K11 version by changing some parts. No dry firing position and without second tank for economical pricing. Model K9 comes with plastic carrying case and manometer. System: single-shot with compressed air technology Caliber: 4,5 mm Overall length: 300 mm max. Overall height: 140 mm max. Total weight: 706 g Total weight: 1060 g Barrel length: 160 mm Sighting line: 260 mm Locktime: 4,8 msec. Grips: walnut, match grip r/h