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STEYR LP10 Silver


  • Gyártó: Steyr Manlicher fegyver

Product details:

The patented shot stabilizer is made from of a specific gravity heavy metal that absorbs the movement of the recoil. Three ports in the barrel itself supports the effect of the stabilizing system. No matter what pellet weight or velocity - Steyr's stabilizing system works effectively. No adjustments are needed from time by time. You are getting the best possible feel with every shot! • Optimized grip adjustments with the ideal finger position to the trigger. Shooters around the world have flocked to the Steyr for this reason- No cutting, filing, grinding are required on the frame to get that perfect grip position. Technical Data LP10 : • Intended purpose: single shot wadcutter pellets • Power: compressed air • Caliber: 4.5 mm /.177 • Length / Height / Width in mm: 400 / 148 / 50 • Weight: 968 g (without barrel weights) • Sight radius: adjustable from 316 - 365 mm • Front sight: moveable front sight, width 4.5 mm • Rear sight: rear sight with adjustable from 2-7 mm, Notch depth infinitely variable • Trigger weight: 500 g (corresp. to ISSF shooting rules). Length, overtravel and first and second stage can all be adjusted individually • Trigger blade: adjustable in all directions
• Men, right hand, medium size • hommes, droitiers, M