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Baikal MP53

21.687Ft  19.890Ft
Engedmény: -1.797Ft 

  • Gyártó: Baikal

This handy Russian break barrel pistol will keep you shooting for hours! The light cocking effort is just the beginning of the many great features in this bargain-priced airgun.

The molded stock has an ambidextrous grip, so everyone can shoot it equally well. The two-stage adjustable trigger can be suited to your shooting preferences. The rear sight is adjustable, making it easier to quickly home in on your targets. The rifled steel barrel is hammer-forged and quite accurate! To keep fingers safe during loading, it has an anti-bear trap mechanism to prevent accidental closing before you're done loading. In fact, if you try to shoot the gun before the barrel is completely back into the correct position, it won't shoot.

This pistol is ideal for plinking, shooting targets and spinners, and all-day fun. Ninety-day limited repair warranty on factory defects of the metal parts, and a 30-day warranty on mainspring, seals and stock.