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Schmidt-Bender 4-16×56 Polar T96 Világítópontos
Schmidt-Bender 4-16×56 Polar T96 Világítópontos
659.900Ft  629.900Ft
Engedmény: -30.000Ft 


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ESP vipera, teleszkópos bot kiegészitők BH-08


  • Gyártó: ESP vipera

The plastic swivelling holder is designated for professional useat carrying of various types of batons with diameter 34–35 mm. It contains a sprung plate, which holds the baton firmly in the holder. Special patented fastened clamp (EP 1604587, US Pat.: 7.380.692, RU Pat.: 2352233)enables its fitting on the belt with one hand only without necessity of unbuckling the belt. The baton can be rotated in respect to the belt by full circle of 360 degrees with 16 locking positions.