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VFG adaptor including reducer 71728000


  • Gyártó: VFG

VFG adaptor including reducer: In combination with the reducer, the VFG adaptor is compatible with the VFG cleaning rod for shotguns. The reducer has a 9/32" cleaning rod thread and an M5 adaptor thread. For owners of a VFG shotgun cleaning rod, therefore, it is possible to use the adaptor with reducer without the need to buy a new cleaning rod. The VFG adaptor is also part of the VFG care system for handguns and rifles. The VFG adaptor is equipped with a spike, the rear part of which has a thread, while the front part is smooth. Two barrel cleaners or superintensive cleaners can therefore be fitted at the same time. Therefore, as with rifle or handgun cleaning, after the barrel cleaner has been pushed through (in shot direction), the front felt cleaner simply falls off when the rod is pulled back through the barrel, so the dirt is not spread about inside the bore.