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VFG cleaning rod 72211045


  • Gyártó: VFG

The one-piece VFG cleaning rods for calibre 4 mm consist of a hardened stainless steel rod (d = 3.5 mm) and a handle of indestructible polyamide. The shape of the handle is designed to lie comfortably in the hand, while the surface is roughened to ensure a good grip. Two maintenance-free ball bearings ensure that even under heavy push or pulling force and irrespective of climatic influences, the rod will always easily follow the twist of the rifling. For short-barrel weapons, the VFG cleaning rod is available in a length of 280 mm. For long-barrel weapons, the VFG cleaning rod with a length of 740 mm is used.
VFG cleaning rod for caliber 4-4,5mm, 1-part rod, length740 mm