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Trumark Slingshot FS-1 225 Yard csúzli

4.590Ft  3.890Ft
Engedmény: -700Ft 


This Trumark Sling Shot FS-1 is the most popular Trumark Sling shot. It has a folding design and it's light weight. The slingshot is made of aluminum so it's rust proof. Trumark is the oldest American slingshot company and they've been in the business for over 50 years.

Features include:
- Trumark Slingshots are the only slingshots on the market today that are made in America! - Aluminum Frame, Rust Proof
- Folds down and light weight
- Split-Leather Pouch and Soft Recoil Pad
- Latex Powerband for higher velocity (232 ft/SEC)
- Handle holds ammo : valve flips open to release ammo or survival kit items
- Tough ABS Plastic
- 225 yard range
- Shoots steel shot and 1/2" slingshot ammo - glass shot
- If you want the good old-fashioned sling shot with wrist support, you should buy Trumark Wrist-braced WS-1 Sling Shot which has been on the market for more than 50 years!