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Dedal éjjellátó D-545 XR5™ ATG


  • Gyártó: Dedal éjjellátó ,dedal hőkamera



The D-545 is a nightvision attachment for a daytime scope.


  • Outdoor / hunting
  • Patrolling and site protection


  • An installed nightvision attachment D-545 in front of a daytime riflescope does not affect the latter's zeroing
  • Keeps all tactical capacities of a day riflescope intact
  • Specially designed night-time, High Contrast (HC), Schott optics
  • Internal focusing mechanism (from 10m to infinity)
  • High quality image within the entire field of view
  • Photonis DEP 0, XD-4™ or XR5™ (Onyx option available) image intensifier tubes
  • Weaver rail to attach an optional laser illuminator
  • Waterproof (IP-67)
  • Compact, sturdy and modern design
  • Lightweight
  • Silent electronic push button with auto shut-off after 90 minutes
  • Battery in transverse direction to prevent problems with recoil
  • Connection to the dayscope with an easy and sturdy quick-release adapter

  • As an extra service we select Photonis DEP0 tubes into various different categories, according to individual tube parameters and spots. In this way a wider choice becomes available to our customers.


Magnification 1.0 x
Field of View 8.8 deg
Objective 78mm F/1.5 τ/1.6 High Contrast  
Dimensions 202 long, main ∅62 (64 x 69) mm
Weight 0.58 (ready for use, ex. adapter) kg
Battery 1x CR-123A  
Tube Photonis DEP0 or better  
Ocular diameter 25 mm
Lifetime battery 60-90 hours
Typical accuracy 1 MOA
Waterproof IP67  
Guaranteed shockproof
Two Weaver rails for accessories, e.g. a LaserLuchs illuminator
Focus range 10 to ∞ m
Temperature range -40 to +50 °C
Parallax 100 m