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M-400-1615 Dreamsoft gyerekpárna
M-400-1615 Dreamsoft gyerekpárna
2.390Ft  1.990Ft
Engedmény: -400Ft 



Carinthia G-LOFT ULTRA rövidnadrág (aláöltözet) MÉRET: 2XL

44.390Ft  22.090Ft
Engedmény: -22.300Ft 


The ULTRA series fits and adapts perrectly to the body shape due to the used stretching material. Therefore, a steady heat output is achieved and thermal bridges are avoided. Another distinctive feature of the ULTRA series is its low weight. By super lightweight and highly breathable fabrics, the products feel like an invisible second skin.

Light, warm and well tailored. It can be used as second layer between functional underwear and hardshell. The G-LOFT® Si filling scores with a small pack size and an insensitivity to moisture.

  • Push button adjustable elastic waist
  • Elastic inserts made of stretch thermal fleece in the whole upper leg area for perfect fit